My girlfriend and I have been long-distance for a while now, and we're trying to keep up our sex life any way we can. She wants to have phone sex with me, but I never know what to say. How can I be good at phone sex? Dan V. Ahh, phone sex. The last resort [...]

I've been looking for a relationship for a while now, but I can't ever seem to get past the first date. I'm able to ask her out ok, but then after the first date women don't really seem interested in seeing me anymore. What's wrong with me, and what am I doing wrong? Randall P. [...]

Just yesterday I was talking to a woman and she told me she had a boyfriend... and then later I found out she was lying. My ex-girlfriend lied to me and then cheated on me. Why do women lie to men and how can I tell when she's lying? Greg S. Well Greg, women lie [...]

Q: I've liked this girl in my class for a while. We talk frequently and have even been in group projects together. Whenever we talk she seems pretty into me and what I am saying, but I want to ask her out and want to do it in a way that will make her say [...]

Q: I've been dating this woman for 5 years and she broke up with me. I had really messed up and I want her back. What do I do? Stan M. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Stan, you done f*cked up. I wish I knew how you f*cked up. Are we talking, like, you cheated on her? Or you [...]

I have been dating this girl for a year now. The first 6 months we were having sex all the time like animals, but then things started to slow down. How do I make sure the sex is always good for her? Henry K. Henry, the reason you two stopped having sex so much is [...]

Q: I have been dating this girl for a few months now and I am having a great time with her. The sex is great and we have so much fun together, but I am on the fence about what to do next. Is it time to bring up the c-word? Do I keep it [...]

I'm recently divorced, and I'm trying to get back into the dating game... so I'm going to bars and clubs to meet women, and I hate it. I don't know where to meet the kind of women I want, and I really don't like going to bars and clubs. What should I do? Tom K. [...]

So I think I'm ok with women, except for one thing... when it comes time to kiss her, I freeze up. I don't know the right way to kiss a woman for the first time, and it's killing my love life. How do you know when to make the first move? Trent M. Oh man [...]

So normally I'm good at talking to girls, but the other day I was in line at the grocery store and I saw this ridiculously hot blonde girl and I was all of a sudden nervous about going up and talking to her. I kicked myself for not going up to her for the rest [...]