Over and over again I've seen women go for assholes instead of good guys like me. How can I get women to like me instead of jerks who will treat them like sh*t? I'm a good guy, I treat women well, and yet I constantly get shut down and get put in the friend zone. [...]

What do women really want in a guy? I don't know how to become the type of guy that women want and it's driving me crazy. What do women really want? What should I do? Shawn P. Well Shawn, there is one type of man that women love above all others. You have to be [...]

I met a woman at a bar and we both had a great time. We had such a good time that we wound up at my house at the end of the date and had really good sex. I like this woman, but I'm worried about taking things further with her. Is it worth it [...]

I have ok success with women, but every woman I date or sleep with is just oklooking, and I really want to start sleeping with the hottest women out there. How can I get really attractive women interested in me? George E. To do that, George, you're going to need to gain access to the [...]

I've been dating a woman for 8 months, and I'm not sure whether I love her or not. She's said "I love you" to me, but I'm not sure whether I should say it back or not. How do you "know" when you're in love with someone? Rupert D. Rupert, finding out whether you love [...]

I've been in a few relationships in my life, but I've never felt truly "in love". I always feel like the woman I'm with loves me for my job security, or my stability, but never for who I truly am. How can I get a woman to love me for who I really am? Jared [...]

I'm sick and tired of getting rejected over and over at bars. How can I approach women so that they say yes to me instead of rejecting me? How do you get a woman to say yes? Peter K. Well Peter, I know getting rejected can be discouraging. And I know you want a way [...]

I'm dating a woman and I'm not sure where it's going, but I'm worried that she's too high maintenance for me. We always have to do what she wants to do, and she acts all negative and pouty if she doesn't get her way. How can you tell if a woman is high maintenance, and [...]

I want to get more into online dating, but I don't know how to be sexy to a woman online. How can I come across as attractive and interesting over the internet? Kenneth W. Alright Kenny, here's what you do. You need to have a laptop computer for this. If you've got a desktop, it's [...]

I've read about how I'm supposed to have good body language in order to attract women, but I don't really know what that means. I guess I don't have good body language because women aren't attracted to me? How can I have good body language? Justin L. Alright Justin, listen up. There's a simple key [...]