The Biggest Giveaway Signs She Likes You

The tiny mouth-eye will be whispering “I like you, I like you”! All you have to do is just watch for it very carefully! If you see her tiny mouth-eye, it means she likes you!

Or it means you’re schizophrenic. Or that you’re under the influence of some very powerful psychotropic drugs. Because that’s some bullsh*t.

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If you’re looking for signs that she likes you, you’ve already f*cked up. Why?

If you’re putting her behavior under a microscope and looking out for signs that she’s interested in you, you’ve taken yourself out of the moment with her. Instead of having fun with her and being present, you’re examining her behavior and trying to figure out whether she likes you or not. That’s not attractive behavior, Ramon.

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Women want a guy who’s able to be 100% in the moment with her. They want to be with someone who’s relaxed, who’s comfortable, and who’s having fun. They want a guy with no ulterior motives, no agenda about them, and no insecurity.

If you’re constantly looking for signs that she likes you, it reveals your insecurity. It says that you’re not sure if she would like a guy like you, and that you constantly need to be reassured that she’s interested in you.

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