Exactly How To Be More Confident With Women

Every time I try to get advice on how to get more women, people always tell me to ‘be more confident’. I have no idea what that means. How can you ‘be confident’ if you don’t feel any confidence at all? What am I actually supposed to do?

Vito C.

Oh Vito, it’s actually so easy. Here’s exactly what you should do to ‘be confident’:

First, start jerking off. Use porn or don’t use porn, that’s up to you (it won’t affect your confidence either way).

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Right before you’re about to bust a nut, stop. I know, but trust me on this one. This is the hard part about having confidence, but millions of men have done this before you, so you can do it.

Now that you’ve stopped yourself right before busting, you need to stare eye to eye with a crocodile. You should have gone out and purchased one before this step. If you didn’t, you screwed up. You’ll never be confident.

Stare eye to eye with the crocodile. Look at it right in its beady reptile death machine eyes. Then, unleash your load all over its massive man-killing murder jaw.

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boom. You just jizzed all over the face of a prehistoric death monster whose sole purpose is to kill other living things to sate its own endless appetite for pain, destruction, and suffering. You are now confident. Please wait for your confidence ID card in the mail, as well as your subscription to “Confidence: The Magazine”.

however: if you don’t have a crocodile and you don’t feel like jizzing onto something that could easily kill you, there’s another way.

Because in truth, telling someone to ‘be confident’ isn’t even advice. You’re not telling them to do anything, and you’re not giving them something that could help them. You’re just telling them to do something you can’t even define. It’s a smoke screen.

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So here’s what you should actually do.

You need to take control of the one thing that you actually have control over: your mood.

Your mood is what determines the way people react to you. Your mood determines whether people feel good around you or bad around you. Your mood is the #1 most important thing when it comes to attracting women.

And your mood is largely what will determine whether someone thinks you’re ‘confident’ or not.

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Really, when we talk about someone being ‘confident’, we mean that they’re in a good mood that doesn’t vanish at the first sign of trouble. If someone feels good, is comfortable and relaxed, and doesn’t lose that feeling when difficulty arises, we say that person is confident.

And that’s what women are attracted to! So the secret here is not ejaculating onto a crocodile. The secret is controlling your mood, and making sure you’re in a genuinely good mood as much of the time as possible.

You do that by dropping negative lines of thought that feel bad as soon as you recognize them. This can be difficult, as it’s a habit, and habits are hard to break, but if you put in the time and focus on breaking it, you will. Just don’t think about sh*t that makes you feel angry, or depressed, or unhappy, or negative in any way.

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Focus your energy on thinking about things that make you feel good. That alone will help you stay in a genuinely good mood.

And when someone is in a good mood, it positively affects the people around them. People like to be around a person who’s in a good mood all the time. It makes them feel good. It makes them want to be around that person more.

It makes them believe that he’s confident.

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So don’t worry about ‘acting confident’ or ‘how to get confidence’, because that’s all snake oil. Focus on the one thing you can control: your mood. You’ll get the benefits of ‘confidence’ as a byproduct of that.

Plus you’ll feel good all the time. And you won’t have your cock bitten off by a crocodile. Pretty good deal.

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Anyone have advice for Christopher? Anyone actually jerk off on a crocodile? Leave ’em below.

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