Exactly How To Have An Amazing First Date

That’s going to f*ck you up 100% of the time. If you’re thinking about the future, you’re not going to be thinking about the time you’re spending with her in the moment, and she’s going to be able to sense it and it’s going to turn her off.

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She’ll be thinking “Jeez, why did I stop having sex with Nick to go out on a date with this asshole. He’s not even paying attention to me. I should stop and pick up another 30 pack of Magnum condoms on my way back to Nick’s house…”

So don’t be that guy.

With that said, there are a few great ways to make your date stand out from some other first dates she’s been on.

You want to do something different than the ‘dinner and a movie’ plan. For one, that’s predictable. For two, you can’t talk to her during the movie, unless you want me to unleash white hot motherf*cking rage all over you.

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You want to pick a date where it’s easy to have a great conversation, and you want to keep it casual. You’re looking for a relaxed environment that’s not too loud. If you can, try to match the date to her interests, if you know what they are. Does she love the outdoors? Take her for a walk in the park! Is she interested in animals? Go to the zoo, ya dummy! Does she like S&M? Take her to your favorite dungeon and put a ball-gag in your mouth!

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The only other piece of advice I have for you is this: switching up the location on a date is a great way to make it more memorable for her. If you take her to some place like the park, then maybe a coffee shop, then a walk through town that maybe ends up at a bar if things go well, it’s going to feel like you’ve spent much more time together than you actually have.

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