The Fastest Way To Get Over Your Ex

Sure, it might seem like it feels good to imagine whether she cheated on you or not, and fantasize about calling her out on it if she did. But that doesn’t actually feel good – it feels like sh*t. The only part that feels good is when you stop thinking about it and feel relieved.

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So quit that sh*t. It ain’t helping. All it does is make you into an angrier and more negative person.

Instead of taking that energy and wasting it, why not put it into making yourself feel better? Do you know what the best way to feel better after a breakup is? it’s making yourself into a better person.

Go to the gym! Get back into hobbies that you let fall by the wayside! Was there something you love to do, but she didn’t like it, so you didn’t do it as much while you were with her? do the sh*t out of that thing.

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Get back to being a version of yourself that you love, that you’re happy with. Improve your fitness. Learn a new skill. Do what makes you happy.

Sh*t, forget any of that other stuff. Just do what makes you happy.

She’s not going to come back to you if you’re all whiney and mopey about her and sh*t. Know what would actually get her interested in you again? If you got back to the person you were at the beginning of your relationship.

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