The Fastest Way To Get Over Your Ex

The person who was probably in better shape than you are now (probably). The person who did the sh*t he liked to do, because he liked to do it. The person who was comfortable and happy with his life. Be that person again.

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All women are attracted to a guy who’s happy, and comfortable, and in a genuinely good mood. Women love it when a guy does exactly what he wants to do, and doesn’t try to be something he’s not.

What can you do to “fix” your situation? Nothing, you schmuck. It sucks to be heartbroken, but it doesn’t last forever.

Be heartbroken, mourn your relationship for a while, sure. It will help for you to process the grief that your relationship has ended.

But when you feel up for it, start doing things that make you happy, and start trying to improve yourself. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you feel better about yourself.

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Plus, you’ll be shocked at how quickly other women start to become interested in you. If you just mope around all day and think about how your ex probably cheated on you, it’s going to drive all the women in your life far far away from you. No woman wants to be around that kind of energy.

But if you put in time to improve yourself and have a good time, they’ll flock to you. Maybe even your ex.

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