How To Ask Her Out So That She Says Yes

Q: I’ve liked this girl in my class for a while. We talk frequently and have even been in group projects together. Whenever we talk she seems pretty into me and what I am saying, but I want to ask her out and want to do it in a way that will make her say yes. How do I ask her out?

John G.

Alright John, this is going to take a bit of preparation, but the end result is definitely going to be worth it.

First, you have to get your entire class in on it. Block the girl you like’s door so that she can’t get out for the day, and then at class that day explain your plan. You want everyone in on singing an a capella version of “Bad Medicine” by Bon Jovi.

When she walks in the door, everyone should bust out singing that song as loud as they can. You should be naked at the front of the classroom, obviously. Here’s where the alligator you hired to wrestle comes in. You did hire an alligator, right John.

God damnit John.You f*cked it all up.God.Damnit.

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