How To Attract More Women And Be More Attractive

When I’m out at bars or in public, I have no idea how to attract women. I feel like I’m always the one pursuing them, and that I never get women actually interested or attracted to me. How can I be more attractive to women?

Mike D.

Alright Mike, here’s what you do:

You need to cover yourself in chocolate. Frosting will do in a pinch, but the best thing to do is probably glue Hershey’s bars to your skin with superglue. Women love chocolate.

They even love it when it’s covered in glue and some other guy’s skin. Now, this is one of the most important parts. You need to walk by the woman you want while pretending not to notice her… but you have to get within 12 inches of her.

That’s a foot, to you attraction novices out there.

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She’s going to smell the chocolate, and she’s going to move in for the kill. By this point you should have 5 or 6 women scrambling and fighting over your chocolate covered body.

Now, I need to you to signal the helicopter you have waiting about 300 meters away. If you don’t have a helicopter at this point, you fucked up. You dead son.

Have the helicopter come hover over you at a height where you can reach up and grab one of the skids on the bottom. As it lifts you up, at least one, if not two women are still going to be holding onto you via the chocolate that you’ve superglued to your skin. This is a good thing.

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Only one can survive. Good luck Mike.

Or, you could just be a person and get women attracted to you. That’s probably better. Easier too. Shit, should’ve just gone with the person thing from the beginning.

Alright, forget everything that I just wrote (easy! done!)

So let’s talk about how to be attractive to women. What are women attracted to? What do they find attractive in a man?

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Most of what women find attractive in men is totally subjective. A woman could be attracted to older guys, younger guys, fat guys, bald guys, muscle guys, car guys (guys who are cars), big guys, little guys, rich guys, poor guys, girl guys, guy girls, robots, tigers, sheep, fedoras, you name it. It’s all subjective.

Well, everything except one thing.

Women are attracted to men who feel good. Men who like themselves. Men who embrace the positive, reject the negative, and focus above all on being in a good mood.

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Wait, what the fuck does that even mean? What the fuck does that even look like?

Well, it’s simple. It means that you put your energy into being in a good mood, all the time. Make positivity a habit. If you have a habit of thinking negative thoughts, or putting yourself down, or feeling bad about yourself, drop that shit as quickly as you can. That shit is poison to being attractive to women.

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Instead, focus on improving your mood. Think only positive thoughts. Enjoy yourself, wherever you are.

That’s what women are really looking for. They’re looking for a guy who projects positive energy, who makes them feel good when they’re around him. They want a guy who likes himself, who engages with the people around him in the moment, and who just feels genuinely good all the time.

that’s what women are attracted to. that’s what’s going to make them come to you, rather than the other way around.

Or, you could superglue chocolate to your skin. Your choice, really.

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Anyone ever try to attract a woman and have it go horribly wrong? Want to know more about being in a good mood? Leave ’em below.

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