How To Be Funny And Attract Women

Then, when you’re talking to a woman you want to woo, just start reciting all the comic’s jokes as fast as you can. The faster you go, the more funny it gets! Faster makes it work better!

Don’t worry about issues like “comedic timing” or “waiting for her to laugh” or even “is she listening or did she walk over to the other side of the bar and is trying desperately to avoid eye contact with you as you ramble off your 14th minute of Steven Wright material at the empty space where she used to be.”

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Like I said, don’t worry about it!

Hell, you could even go for some of that self deprecating humor.

Just bring a chainsaw or other cutting instrument of your choice to the preferred woman-meeting location, and begin by sawing/hacking/clipping/otherwise maiming parts of your body off in front of her.

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Women go wild for a man who knows how to make fun of himself, so if you can successfully cut your arm off at the elbow while she looks on in amazement, she’ll practically melt into your arms!

If you can get her to bend over and give you your freshly severed hand, and then still be able to deliver the line “thanks for giving me a *hand*”, then congratulations, you’ve won at life forever, please step forward to receive your prize.

Or, y’know, you could just stop worrying about it.

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