How To Be Funny And Attract Women

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Women don’t really care if you’re funny or not. Women care about having a good time with you. you are the only one who cares whether you’re making her laugh.

If you can’t feel good about the time you’re spending with someone if they’re not laughing, then you’re putting your mood and your mindset in their hands. Women don’t like it when you do that.

Think about it this way, when you focus on whether you’re being “funny” or not, you’re making it your goal to make a woman laugh. The problem is, women you when you have goals or agendas that involve them. It means that your mood is dependent on her, instead of dependent on yourself.

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Imagine hanging out with someone who just tried really hard to make you laugh all the time, and was visibly hurt or upset if you didn’t laugh. Wouldn’t it suck to hang out with them? Wouldn’t they become automatically less funny?

The point here is to let go of trying to be funny, and just relax. Focus not on trying to think of something funny to say, but rather on your mood and how you’re feeling at that moment.

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Women are way more attracted to a guy who’s in a genuinely good mood around her than they are of a guy who can just make her laugh. It’s because people who are in a good mood make other people feel good around them, whereas people who can just make other people laugh don’t necessarily do that.

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