How To Be More Attractive To Beautiful Women

I have ok success with women, but every woman I date or sleep with is just oklooking, and I really want to start sleeping with the hottest women out there. How can I get really attractive women interested in me?

George E.

To do that, George, you’re going to need to gain access to the world conspiracy of attractive women (wcaw for short).

And that ain’t easy.

First, you’ll have to find their base of operations. The only way to do that is to get the information from someone already in a high up rank at wcaw, so you’re going to need to be able to attract a hot woman for that part of the job.

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That’s only the first step.

Then, you need to possess the sexual stamina necessary to satisfy her to the tune of 35 orgasms within a 3 hour span. Note that each time you make her cum you have to cum yourself, which means you have to be able to cum 35 times in 3 hours, or just a touch under 12 times an hour.

I know my refractory period is only 5 minutes George. How about yours?

Once you’ve got the location of the base, it doesn’t make anything easier. You’ve got to be able to infiltrate it.

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This is going to require you to get extensive plastic surgery, as you’re going to need to become an incredibly attractive woman. This means hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery, and a host of other invasive and terribly expensive procedures.

Once you’ve ascended to your status of “hot woman”, you’re going to be able to access their base. Get in there, making sure you stay in character, and add your name and picture to the database of men that hot women are allowed to date.

Congratulations! You’re officially able to date hot women now!

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Too bad you had to give up your cock in order to infiltrate their base of operations, huh. What a shame.

In reality, dating and hooking up with really attractive women isn’t as difficult as all that. It’s going to require courage on your part, but what doesn’t?

*Cut to shot of you eating cookie dough naked on your couch watching football*

ok jesus christ no need to get any deeper into that.

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Anyway, the key to dating hot women is being able to talk to hot women. And the key to being able to talk to hot women is talking to them like they’re people, and not like they’re attractive f*ck holes that you want to gain access to.

Hot women are hit on all the time. I mean, all the time. Take however much you imagine women getting hit on and harassed, and multiply it by like, I don’t know, several billion times. That’s half as much as hot women get hit on and harassed every day of their lives.

They’re sick of it. Wouldn’t you be? If everyone who talked to you was just after one specific thing from you, and then got surly or hostile towards you when you didn’t want to give it to them, how would you feel?

pissed right the f*ck off, I imagine.

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So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make hot women look at you as a person who they’re interested in getting to know better?

It’s simple. treat them like people.

Don’t treat her like she’s a status symbol, or a sexual conquest. Treat her like she’s a living, breathing, thinking person that you want to get to know better and enjoy yourself with.

Drop your goal of sleeping with her. Almost every guy a hot woman meets wants to sleep with her, and makes that their goal. That creeps her right the f*ck out and turns her off.

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So what should you do? Simple. Drop all your goals in relation to her altogether. Don’t worry about trying to sleep with her, or get something from her.

Instead, focus entirely on having a good time while you’re with her. Talk about interesting things. Find out what she’s like as a person. Focus on being in a good mood, and carrying that good mood through your entire conversation with her.

That, more than anything else, is going to set you apart in her mind as a man who’s not just interested in sex. She’s going to feel good when she’s talking to you, because you’re not just mindlessly trying to get sex from her, you’re actually trying to connect with her on a human level.

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And that’s how you talk to attractive women without a ton of expensive surgery and some very difficult undercover work.

Anyone have advice for George? Got a story about dating a hot woman? (Of course you don’t). Leave ’em below.

And as always, if you’ve got any questions, send ’em here and I’ll answer them with a maximum amount of condescension and insults.

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