How To Find Someone Who Loves You For Who You Truly Are

I’ve been in a few relationships in my life, but I’ve never felt truly “in love”. I always feel like the woman I’m with loves me for my job security, or my stability, but never for who I truly am. How can I get a woman to love me for who I really am?

Jared W.

Damn Jared, that’s a sincere question. I… I don’t even want to f*ck with you because of it. I’m going to skip the whole part where I give you terrible suggestions because if I did that now it would make me feel bad.

Damn Jared. Good question.

My first question for you would be this: have you ever shown a woman you’re dating who you actually are?

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What I mean by that is, have you ever been truly yourself around the women you’re dating, or do you act like the person you think they want you to be?

This is a crucial and critical difference. After all, how can you expect a woman to love you for who you truly are if you never actually show her who you really are?

Now, I get that it’s a really difficult thing to take off the “mask” and show someone who you really are underneath. I get that it’s easier to act out a ‘role’ and be the person you think they want you to be.

But if you keep doing the easy thing, you’ll never get what you want.

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You have to find the courage inside yourself to be your true self in front of a woman you’re with, or want to be with.

It’s only after you can show her your true self that you’ll know whether she’ll fall in love with you for who you really are or not.

I know it’s difficult. I know it’s terrifying. But you’ve got a few huge advantages on your side.

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First of all, when you’re being your true self, rather than wearing a mask, you come across as much more genuine. This happens automatically, you don’t even have to try to do it.

You come across as warmer, kinder, more honest, more authentic, and an overall better and more likeable person, automatically.

Women love when they can sense whether a guy is being genuine. If you’re genuine around a woman you really want, she’ll find herself much more attracted to you.

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Plus, you’ll be showing her who you really are, the person you are under the mask that you wear. That’s going to give her a chance to find out what you’re really about, and figure out whether she’s attracted to that person or not.

That way, you’re not 12 months deep into a relationship before you show her who you really are, and make her choose between the “you” that’s been presented to her over the past 12 months and the “real you” that you’re showing her now.

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Either way, I get that it’s scary. I get that it’s easier to hide who you really are.

But if you do that, you’ll never be loved for who you truly are. And that’s scarier than anything else I could say.

Well, except radioactive rape spiders that crawl up your urethra. Oh, and they wear clown masks. f*ck that sh*t.

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Anyone got any advice for Jared? Or want to fill in the usual bile and sarcasm that I left out? Leave ’em below.

And as always, if you’ve got any questions, send ’em to here and I’ll answer them with a maximum amount of condescension and insults.

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