How To Stop Getting Rejected By Women

The one thing I hate most about dating is getting rejected. Every time I get turned down by a woman I want I feel so ashamed, humiliated, and frustrated. It sucks to get rejected. How can I avoid getting rejected in the future?

Kenn J.

Kenn, lucky for you I’ve got a simple, easy, and foolproof way to never get rejected again! It’s so simple, you’ll be shocked you never thought of it before, and it’s so easy that you’ll smack your forehead when I tell you!

No more rejection, no more humiliation, no more frustration. Just a simple, easy solution that just plain works.

Ok, are you ready? Here it is:

Live under a f*cking rock.

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That’s it! By living under a f*cking rock, you won’t have to interact with any women, and there’s no risk of getting rejected!

You can just spend all day in your cool, damp, dark home underneath your rock, and jerk off as much as you want! Slowly, your confined, private space will fill with your semen, and with your last bubbling breath you can yell “let’s see you try to reject me now, women!”

Or you could change your mindset about rejection to a much healthier one. It’s your choice really. Either you could:

1. Drown in your own semen living under a rock


2. Learn a healthier way of thinking about rejection.

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If you choose one, you’re already done! You don’t need to read any more of this article. You can follow my advice above.

However, if that doesn’t sound very appealing to you (and why wouldn’t it), you can work on how you think about rejection.

So let’s look at your thought process about rejection.

1. She rejected me.

2. ???

3. I feel humiliated and ashamed

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What we need to do is examine what happened in the second step of that process, the part between “I was rejected” and “I feel ashamed”.

That’s the part we need to work on.

What falls into #2 (ahahaha #2) in that process is this thought: “I deserve to be rejected, she must have rejected me because of [my biggest insecurity].”

It’s that part that’s giving you all the trouble.

The truth is, you have no idea why she actually rejected you. She could have been having a bad day. She could have decided not to date anyone right now for whatever reason. She could be an alien.

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The point is, it’s unknowable why she rejected you, and it’s not productive to make it about you. If you don’t know why she rejected you, why would you jump to the conclusion that it’s because of something about you?

Here’s something to commit strongly to your memory: “rejection says nothing about who i am.”

Repeat that. Use it as your f*cking mantra. When you’re doing your yoga exercises (to increase flexibility so you can suck your own dick, natch), keep that thought in mind. Rejection says nothing about who you actually are.

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When you can own that thought, and really believe it, rejection doesn’t have to bother you anymore. You can realize that there’s no point in blaming yourself or feeling bad when you get rejected, and so you don’t.

You have no control over her actual decision whether or not to reject you. Your shame and embarrassment comes from feeling that you do have to have control over her, or you’re not ‘really’ a man.

This attitude is just plain f*cking poison. You don’t have control over her. You shouldn’t have control over her. Her decision is her business, and is usually made based on reasons that have nothing to do with you.

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So give up on trying to control her and give up on trying to blame yourself for getting rejected. After that, rejection isn’t so bad. It’s not something that keeps you up at night. It’s just a situation to note, accept, and move on from. That’s all it ever should be.

Or you could drown in your own semen. Up to you.

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Anyone have any particularly bad experiences with rejection that they want to share (and why wouldn’t you?) Or advice for Kenn? Or really good recipes that you’ve tried recently? Leave ’em in the comments.

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