How To Tell If A Woman Is High Maintenance

I’m dating a woman and I’m not sure where it’s going, but I’m worried that she’s too high maintenance for me. We always have to do what she wants to do, and she acts all negative and pouty if she doesn’t get her way. How can you tell if a woman is high maintenance, and what can I do about it?

Cory J.

Well Cory, the only way to tell if a woman is high maintenance is to look underneath the hood.

Of course, you can go to older versions of her model and check if they were high maintenance too. If you look under her mom’s hood and find that she’s high maintenance, it probably means the daughter is high maintenance too.

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That’s right, you’re not a mechanic, I have to tell you how to look under her hood.

You’re going to want to sedate her and get her into an X ray machine or an mri machine as quickly as possible. Do your scan to find out what’s going on inside her body.

Does she have any aftermarket parts or parts that have already been replaced? That might lead to maintenance down the road, which is going to cost you a pretty penny and might be something you want to avoid.

Does she have any parts that look like they’re wearing out and are going to need to be replaced soon? Does she make strange noises when you’re out on the road with her? Or emit smoke or other bad smells?

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If so, you might have a high maintenance woman on your hands. You should probably try to trade her in or dump her onto some poor sucker on craigslist to recoup your expenses.

That was a pretty tortured metaphor. Let’s drop it.

Anyway, the best guide to whether a woman is “high maintenance” or not is actually going to be you. Some men like women who aren’t easily satisfied, while other men are looking for something easier. It’s up to you to decide what level of effort you’re willing to keep putting in.

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If you find yourself getting easily annoyed and exasperated at her requests, then you might not be a good match for her. After all, you should feel good in a relationship, not annoyed.

What’s going to determine whether she’s “too high maintenance” for you is how you feel about her. If you actually like doing things for her, great! There’s no problem.

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But if you get a sinking feeling in your stomach when you think of the relationship, if you get an angry and frustrated feeling whenever she asks you to do something, if the thought of taking care of her needs for even one more day is enough to send you into a murderous rage – then yeah, you’re probably not right for each other.

It’s all relative, anyway. Really, what I’m telling you is that you should always be honest with yourself whether you’re happy in your relationship or whether you’re feeling badly about it.

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The best way to do that is to trust your gut. Your instincts are a good guide on this, if you get a bad feeling deep in your gut when you think about your relationship, that’s a very good sign that you need to sit down and think long and hard about whether you want to stay with her.

Because the truth is, you can’t change people. You can’t turn a high-maintenance woman into an easygoing and carefree woman, just like you can’t turn a high-maintenance guy into a laid back guy who’s good with anything. They have to change on their own, and that doesn’t normally happen.

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So if she’s too high maintenance for you – that’s alright, the relationship isn’t meant to be. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to be someone you’re not – or change her into someone she’s not.

Anyone ever date a woman who was super high- maintenance? Anyone super high maintenance themselves? I know that I won’t do cocaine off of a stripper’s asshole unless she uses precisely 3 Johnson’s baby wipes before hand, no more and no less. Leave your comments below.

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And as always, if you’ve got any questions, send ’em here and I’ll answer them with a maximum amount of condescension and insults.

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