The Real Reasons She Didn’t Text You Back

Let’s take a look at the two reasons you felt bad she didn’t text you back: you were disappointed, and your ego was hurt. The truth is, both of those reasons are why women don’t text you back in the first place.

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You were disappointed she didn’t text you back… why is that? It’s because you made it your goal for her to text you back and go out on a date with you.

You needed her to text you back in order to feel good about yourself. If she didn’t, your ego would get hurt (hence thinking she’s a bitch).

Let me tell you right now, loud and clear: that kind of thinking will kill a woman’s attraction for you.

Seriously. Have you ever been talking to a woman, and you said something, and all of a sudden you could feel how her attitude towards you changed? I know there have been many, many times in my life where I’ve said something to a woman and I could feel that she got turned off.

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You can feel her attitude towards you… and she can feel your attitude towards her.

This is simple, but it’s super important you understand it. She’s going to be able to pick up on your ‘vibe’, on your attitude towards her. If she feels like you’ve got a goal about her (like getting her to text you back), she’s going to get turned off.

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