The Real Reasons She Didn’t Text You Back

It’s automatic, she probably doesn’t even know why she becomes unattracted to you. The real reason is that you need her to text you back to feel good about yourself – and she could sense it.

So how do you stop yourself from turning her off? Well, that’s super f*cking simple dude. Just stop needing her to do anything to feel happy.

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Don’t worry about whether she texts you back or not. Drop the ‘goal’ of getting her to text you back.

The truth is, she’s got a million billion things going on in her life that you have no clue about. Maybe her mom is sick and in the hospital, and she’s too busy to text. Maybe she’s married and just didn’t tell you. Maybe she’s a secret terrorist operative hiding in the United States and she’s about to go ham on some government building. I don’t know dude. And neither do you.

Whether she texts you back or not says nothing about who you are, so stop acting like it does. Stop basing your self-worth on whether she texts you back or not. You’ve met other women right? Who the f*ck cares if this one texted you back?

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Something pretty insane starts to happen when you get this mindset into your head. All of a sudden, you start becoming much more attractive to women. Why?

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