What Do Women Want – Cocky Or Sensitive Guys?

I haven’t been having the success with women that I want, and my friends are giving me different advice. Some of my friends say that I have to be more sensitive around women and they’ll be interested in me. My other friends are saying that I need to be cockier, and women get turned on by guys that are cocky? Who’s right? Should I be sensitive or cocky around women?

Nathan J.

Well, that depends Nathan. What do you want out of life?

Do you want to walk around the country with your cock out, swaying in front of you like a divining rod while you allow it to pull you towards the most attractive woman you can see? Do you want multiple charges of public indecency and possible pedophilia charges? Then you should be cocky.

On the other hand, are you able to feel the emotions of other people around you since birth, like a betazoid? Do you want to use that power to divine the deepest secrets, feelings, and thoughts of everyone around you, as your gift becomes a curse and you’re driven mad by your overwhelming power? Then you should be sensitive.

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Or, you could choose to look at this like a f*cking adult, Nathan. Do you know what mutually exclusive means?

It means that one option precludes another. One can’t be both financially rich and poor. One can’t be obese and also in great health. These options are mutually exclusive.

Being cocky and being sensitive are not mutually exclusive. You can do both.

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Women don’t want a guy who’s just super cocky all the time. That’s called being arrogant. There’s a charm in being happy with yourself and being in a good mood, and showing that to people, but if you constantly act like you’re jerking off into a mirror yelling yeah nathan yeah nathan it’s going to come off as cocky and unattractive.

At the same time, women want a guy who can be sensitive as well. They don’t want some oaf who doesn’t even give the slightest thoughts to their feelings, and doesn’t try to empathize or think things through from their perspective at all. Women want a guy who’s going to put himself in their shoes and make an effort to understand where she’s coming from.

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Well, to take a line from the Old El Paso Taco Kit, why not both?

You can be both “cocky” and sensitive. It’s not one or the other.

Women crave a guy who’s happy, comfortable, and secure in himself… but also has the emotional intelligence and empathy to understand where she’s coming from and really listen to her. And luckily for you, that’s actually really easy to do!

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First, like I’ve said before, just focus on being in a genuinely good mood. Women love to be around a guy who’s enjoying himself and enjoying the moment. From the perspective of a jealous guy, it could look like you’re being cocky, but really all you’re doing is enjoying yourself and not letting anything around you get you down.

That’s the most attractive thing you can do around women.

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Second, all you have to do is really listen to her, man. Make a real, concentrated effort to listen to what she’s saying and understand where she’s coming from. Women crave that type of emotional connection. If you’re in the moment with her, and you’re listening to what she’s really saying to you, it’s going to drive her wild. Women love that. I love capitalizing random words.


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And that’s it! Your friends are either idiots or assholes (probably both), because it’s not about being cocky or sensitive. It’s about doing both, by focusing on being in a genuinely good mood and really being in the moment and listening to her. Once you make that a habit (and it’s not hard), women will be crazy attracted to you.

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What’s your favorite word to randomly capitalize? Got any advice for Nathan? Leave ’em below.

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