Exactly What To Do If She’s Losing Interest In You And How To Keep Her Interested

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a little over a year now. Up until recently, everything has been going great, but I’m starting to get worried that she’s losing interest in me. She seems less attracted to me than before, and I’m worried that if I don’t do something I’m going to lose her. How do I keep her interested in me?

Julian F.

Julian, your girlfriend is losing interest in you. She told me. It’s probably because of your small dick. She said she’s going to string you along for free dinners for as long as she can while she gets her orgasms from someone else.

Oh wait, you’re Julian F.? Sorry, I’m thinking of a different Julian. The reason your girlfriend is losing interest in you is probably because you’re boring.

In truth, a relationship will always start to cool off as time goes on and get less hot-n-heavy (like a Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready pizza (I got paid $20,000 for that endorsement). What you’re worrying and spazzing out about is probably just a normal evolution of your relationship.

But still, if you don’t do something about your attitude, it could cost you your relationship faster than your hair-trigger ejaculations will.

“What? It’s her attitude we’re talking about! She’s losing interest in me! I’ll have you know that the average time a man lasts during intercourse is 5 and a half minutes! That means that I’m only 4 minutes away from average!”

Slow down champ. Yes, you have to fix your attitude, because your attitude is f*cked.

Let’s start here: you have no control over her or how she acts. Unless she’s your real-doll girlfriend that you pose and pretend is a real person, you can’t control what she does. (And if she is a real doll, what the f*ck Julian, you need to see a psychiatrist).

You need to start by accepting that fact. She’s her own person, she’s going to make her own decisions, and you can’t control them. Repeat that in your head until you believe it. Got it? Good.

Now, since you can’t control her actions, there’s no reason for you to stress out about them. Why devote mental energy to worrying that she’s going to leave you when you have no control over it in the first place? How does that benefit you? What is that going to get you?

I’ll answer that for you: it’s going to get you dumped. If you act like she’s losing interest in you, she’s going to pick up on that. It’s going to make her more likely to lose interest in you, and more likely to leave you.

Think about the person you were when you first started dating. You weren’t worried about her leaving you. You were just excited about this new person and happy about spending time with her.

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that’s who she’s attracted to. that’s the person who she decided to get into a relationship with. That’s the most attractive person you can be!

By worrying and stressing about whether she’s going to leave you, you’re actively moving away from that person. You’re taking your energy and putting it into a negative line of thought, and it’s going to ruin your attractiveness and sabotage her attraction to you.

Women are attracted to guys who are comfortable, happy, and positive. By charging yourself up with all this negative energy and stress, you’re making her much less attracted to you. So quit that sh*t.

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Concentrate on going back to the person you were when you first started dating her. If you want her to stay with you, put all your energy into being in a good mood while you’re around her, and being positive and happy when you’re with her. That’s going to pay off huge.

All women want to be around a guy who makes them feel good and is happy and positive (no, not HIV positive Julian, you f*cking idiot). You can’t control her behavior, so instead create incentives for her to want to be with you! If you make her feel good when she’s around you, she’s not going to want to leave.

That’s it Julian. It’s that easy. Stop stressing that she’s going to leave you and it’ll make her much more attracted to you.

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Let’s scare the sh*t out of Julian in the comments. Anyone have a girlfriend break up with them out of the blue? Got a story about an ex losing interest? Leave it below.

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