What To Do If You’re Sick Of Being Rejected

I’m sick and tired of getting rejected over and over at bars. How can I approach women so that they say yes to me instead of rejecting me? How do you get a woman to say yes?

Peter K.

Well Peter, I know getting rejected can be discouraging. And I know you want a way to make sure every woman you approach says yes.

Unfortunately for you, there are several scenarios in which every woman you approach says yes to going out with you (or going home with you), and almost all of them wind up with you in prison, or worse.

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For instance, if you walk into a bar carrying a gun, you can bet your ass people aren’t going to say no to you. You could even shout out as you walk in, “who’s going to say no to a guy with a gun!?”

I doubt very much that anyone in that bar will say no to you. In fact, I bet you could get every woman’s phone number, plus free drinks if you wanted!

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You’d probably also be arrested, and maybe gunned down by the police depending on how cooperative/uncooperative you were with them.

So let’s scratch that idea.

Another idea is to strap a bomb to your chest with your finger on the trigger. Then, if anyone says no to you, all you have to do is press the trigger! Instant success with women!

Who wouldn’t want to go out with a bomb wielding maniac? Sounds like a surefire recipe for success to me!

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Of course, as soon as someone actually said no to you, you’d have to set off the bomb. Don’t want to look like a coward, do you? Gotta follow up on your promises.

And that means you’ll wind up in lots of different pieces all over the ruined smoking wreckage of the bar. Not the best start for you, is it Peter?

So let’s look into alternatives.

Peter, you’re asking for something that’s impossible. I’m going to say it right off the bat: there is nothing in the world that’s going to give you an automatic “yes” from women every time.

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Not a cock made of chocolate that ejaculates money and diamonds. Not washboard abs. Not a winning smile. Nothing.

What you’re asking me is “How do I control the actions of others?”

And my answer to you is, “F*ck you.”

You don’t get to control other people’s actions. The only people that want to control other people are broken in some way.

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You shouldn’t want to control other people. Wouldn’t it get boring if you were the one in control of another person’s actions? Wouldn’t you feel despicable?

accept that you don’t have control. No, more than that, embrace it. If it hurts you that badly when a woman rejects you, it sounds like you’re basing a lot of your self-worth on whether women are interested in you or not.

Well, by that logic, if you controlled her actions, then you wouldn’t be able to use her saying “yes” as evidence that you’re worthwhile. It would be hollow.

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Basically what I’m saying here is stop trying to control people and let go. When you approach a woman, your thoughts shouldn’t be “How do I get her to say yes?” You should be thinking, “This person seems interesting, I want to get to know them better and have a good time in the process.”

If you make it your goal to get her to say yes, she’s going to sense it and you’re going to come off as a creep. If you make it your goal to have a good time with her, you’re much more likely to come off as attractive, as someone she actually wants to say yes to.

Or just go with the bomb idea. Either way.

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Anyone have advice for poor lost Peter? Or stories about getting shot down to make Peter feel better? Leave ’em below.

And as always, if you’ve got any questions, send ’em here and I’ll answer them with a maximum amount of condescension and insults.

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