What To Do On A Second Date: Great Date Ideas

This got dark real quick. It went from best date to worst date reeeeeeeeeeeal fast.

So let’s just move on.

An ideal second date would be one that continues the romantic and intimate development that you two enjoyed on the first date, in a conducive setting.

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Perfect! So just do that!

Actually, what you’re looking to do on the second date is to continue the vibe of the first date.

That means that you should show up relaxed, comfortable, and in a good mood. No one wants to spend time with someone when they’re feeling negative or irritable, and this is particularly important on a date. So make sure that you get this right first, because it’s the most important part.

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Now, for the date itself, you’re looking for something that’s going to bring you two closer together but also give you time to talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company.

That means the movies are out, because you could sit in the dark next to someone watching lights play on a screen anywhere, and you can’t even talk during it. Don’t take her to a movie.

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