What To Do On A Second Date: Great Date Ideas

Instead, use what you know about her to pick something to do that you think she’d enjoy. You’ve been on a date with her, so you should know some of her likes and dislikes, so plan accordingly! Did she mention that she likes the outdoors? How about a stroll through a park? Did she mention she likes animals? Zoos are a great place to go.

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If you got through the whole first date without finding out some of the things she likes to do, then it probably wasn’t as good of a date than you’ve lead me to believe. If you really don’t know, then focus on something that you can do together, where there’s something to focus on besides the conversation between you, but it’s still relaxing and tranquil enough to have a good conversation.

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Like if she likes sports, you can take her to a baseball game. Baseball is slow as hell, and it’s something to watch when you can’t think of something to say, and you can talk or relax or watch baseball at your leisure.

I like baseball.

Anyway, focus on showing up relaxed, comfortable, and happy, and being the same fun, inviting, warm person you were on the first date, and everything else is going to fall into place. Don’t stress out on trying to find the “perfect date”, because you won’t.

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