What Type Of Man Do Women Want?

What do women really want in a guy? I don’t know how to become the type of guy that women want and it’s driving me crazy. What do women really want? What should I do?

Shawn P.

Well Shawn, there is one type of man that women love above all others.

You have to be strong, but sensitive. You have to be kind, but firm. You have to be gentle, but powerful. You have to be evil, but considerate.

You have to be human, but also part crocodile. You have to be at least 40 percent machine. You have to have a perfect driving record. You have to be able to punt a football at least 40 yards.

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You have to be able to take on a grizzly bear in a fist fight and win, but make the grizzly bear feel like it won the fight. You have to be able to eat 100 hard boiled eggs in one sitting.

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