Why Do Women Like Jerks?

Over and over again I’ve seen women go for assholes instead of good guys like me. How can I get women to like me instead of jerks who will treat them like sh*t? I’m a good guy, I treat women well, and yet I constantly get shut down and get put in the friend zone. What should I do?

Bob M.

Oh Bob. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Bob.

We’ve been over this before in these parts, but it’s good to revisit it every once in a while.

Bob, it’s going to be sh*tty for you to read this article, but that’s ok, because you deserve sh*tty things.

Do you know what treating women well means, Bob? It means treating them like people. It means not treating them like walking bags of flesh that you want to stick your cock into.

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I don’t think you actually know what “treating women well” means, as evidenced by the fact that you say women “constantly” put you in the “friend zone”.

I’ve talked about how sh*tty the concept of the friend zone is before, but for those who haven’t read it or are too dull to get it through their thick f*cking skulls: the friend zone is bullsh*t.

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