How To Be Funny And Attract Women

Every time I see a guy who has success with women, he’s always making them laugh. I’m not a naturally funny guy, in fact I rarely if ever make people laugh. How can I become funny so that I can get women interested in me?

Gideon M.

Alright Gid, listen up. There are many, many ways to be funny. Let’s list them.

You could go for physical humor! Nothing like a little slapstick to liven up the day and make them ladies laugh and laugh and laugh!

Step 1: You’re going to need to procure lots of pie tins, shaving cream, and a place to hide all of them so that no one knows they’re coming.

Step 2: Smack yourself in the face with shaving cream pies repeatedly. Laughs! Glorious laughs!

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You could go for standup style humor instead. This one is even easier!

All you have to do is pick your favorite standup comic and memorize every joke he or she has ever done. Super easy! Just get on youtube, search whoever you like, and get memorizing!