Every time I see a guy who has success with women, he's always making them laugh. I'm not a naturally funny guy, in fact I rarely if ever make people laugh. How can I become funny so that I can get women interested in me? Gideon M. Alright Gid, listen up. There are many, many [...]

I want to text a woman I know and ask her out. How do I do that? Adam E. ok, this is really, really complicated, so you need to bear with me. It's going to be emotionally strenuous reading through this post, and you're going to have to confront some demons that you probably wish [...]

I met this girl at a bbq last week and we hit it off. We were joking around, we were laughing and everything seemed good. So I sent her a text, no response...I figured everything was fine...but still, a few days later and no text...should I send her a text or is that going to [...]

I'm sick and tired of getting rejected over and over at bars. How can I approach women so that they say yes to me instead of rejecting me? How do you get a woman to say yes? Peter K. Well Peter, I know getting rejected can be discouraging. And I know you want a way [...]

Whenever I'm out in public or at a bar, it seems like women never approach me. I'm always the one who has to go up to women and talk to them. I want women to approach and start flirting with me more, how do I do that? Hank F. You know why women don't approach [...]

Whenever I'm out and talking to a girl I'm attracted to, I'm never sure if she's attracted to me or not, and it freezes me up. How can I tell if a girl is attracted to me so I can know when to make a move? What do women do around guys they want to [...]

When I'm out at bars or in public, I have no idea how to attract women. I feel like I'm always the one pursuing them, and that I never get women actually interested or attracted to me. How can I be more attractive to women? Mike D. Alright Mike, here's what you do: You need [...]

I've been friends with a woman that I've wanted to date for years, and she's never given me a chance. Every time I try to ask her out she tells me, "You're a really nice guy, but I don't want to ruin our friendship." I see guys act like assholes at bars all the time [...]

I see lots of guys talking about using jealousy to make a woman interested in you, but I have no idea how that works. Why would being jealous make her more interested in you? How do I make a woman jealous? Fred A. Fred, jealousy is a powerful tool. There are many, many ways for [...]

So normally I'm good at talking to girls, but the other day I was in line at the grocery store and I saw this ridiculously hot blonde girl and I was all of a sudden nervous about going up and talking to her. I kicked myself for not going up to her for the rest [...]