I want to text a woman I know and ask her out. How do I do that? Adam E. ok, this is really, really complicated, so you need to bear with me. It's going to be emotionally strenuous reading through this post, and you're going to have to confront some demons that you probably wish [...]

I met this girl at a bbq last week and we hit it off. We were joking around, we were laughing and everything seemed good. So I sent her a text, no response...I figured everything was fine...but still, a few days later and no text...should I send her a text or is that going to [...]

I had a date the other night with an amazing woman that I'm crazy about. She told me that she would text me, but then she never got in contact. I got in contact with her and scheduled a date, and she said she would be there, but then she didn't show up. What gives? [...]