Every time I see a guy who has success with women, he's always making them laugh. I'm not a naturally funny guy, in fact I rarely if ever make people laugh. How can I become funny so that I can get women interested in me? Gideon M. Alright Gid, listen up. There are many, many [...]

I want to text a woman I know and ask her out. How do I do that? Adam E. ok, this is really, really complicated, so you need to bear with me. It's going to be emotionally strenuous reading through this post, and you're going to have to confront some demons that you probably wish [...]

I recently worked up the courage to ask a woman I work without a date, and she said yes! I'm really excited, but I'm also super nervous. What kind of questions should I ask her? What should I say? Help! Geoff K. Well, well, well Geoff, you've gotten an adult (I hope) female woman human [...]

I've been dating my girlfriend for 9 months now and I'm not sure if we should stay together or break up. I'm feeling torn, on the one hand I miss being single but on the other hand there's a lot of good things about our relationship too. What should I do? Grant L. Grant, you [...]

I've been interested in this woman for a long time, but I'm not sure that she feels the same way. We hang out all the time, and she always seems to laugh at my jokes and find excuses to spend time alone with me. I don't want to screw things up and make it awkward [...]

Whenever I'm out on a date, I'm terrified that I'm not going to know what to say next, and there's going to be a horrible awkward silence between us. How do I break an awkward silence on a date in a non-awkward way? Rob K. Oh man, awkward silences are great! Did you know you [...]

My girlfriend has recently become friends with another guy, and I'm worried their friendship is getting a little bit too close. She's spending a ton of her free time with him, they're always texting back and forth, and she's seemed more distant towards me lately. How can I tell if this might turn into her [...]

My girlfriend of 2 years cheated on me and it's really breaking me up. I can't understand why she cheated on me. I also had a girlfriend cheat on me a few years ago. Is it something I'm doing wrong? Why do women cheat? Harold M. Why do women cheat. Why. Do. Women. Cheat. That's [...]

I feel totally unattractive to women. I've never had a girlfriend, and every time I go out it feels like women are ignoring me, or worse, like they're repelled by me. I want women to seek me out and be attracted to me. How do I do that? Jerry F. That's the question, isn't it [...]

I went on 3 dates with this woman, and things seemed to be going great. She was the one calling me first and pushing for new dates, so I thought she was really interested in me. Then she stopped calling or responding to my texts. Why did she drop me all of a sudden? Perry [...]