I met this girl at a bbq last week and we hit it off. We were joking around, we were laughing and everything seemed good. So I sent her a text, no response...I figured everything was fine...but still, a few days later and no text...should I send her a text or is that going to [...]

Over and over again I've seen women go for assholes instead of good guys like me. How can I get women to like me instead of jerks who will treat them like sh*t? I'm a good guy, I treat women well, and yet I constantly get shut down and get put in the friend zone. [...]

What do women really want in a guy? I don't know how to become the type of guy that women want and it's driving me crazy. What do women really want? What should I do? Shawn P. Well Shawn, there is one type of man that women love above all others. You have to be [...]

I'm sick and tired of getting rejected over and over at bars. How can I approach women so that they say yes to me instead of rejecting me? How do you get a woman to say yes? Peter K. Well Peter, I know getting rejected can be discouraging. And I know you want a way [...]

I'm worried that as I keep dating my girlfriend she's going to lose interest in me. Things are alright now... but what if she starts losing interest in me and cheats on me or something? How can I keep her interested in me so that she won't leave me? Sam K. Sam, there's a very [...]

Every relationship I've ever been in has ended with my girlfriend breaking up with me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but clearly I'm not a very good boyfriend. What are some tips on being a better boyfriend so that I don't get dumped? Alex C. Well Alex, you've given me almost no information [...]

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I thought that I had everything women wanted, but I can't get a first date, let alone a second one. Why don't women care about everything I've done? What do women really want? Cody M. Cody, men think that women care about a lot of things that [...]

I've been struggling to get the women I really want all my life, and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. My friends all say that I'm 'too nice', and that women go for bad boys. What does that even mean? Do women really like bad boys more than nice guys? Aaron S. [...]

I really want to date this girl I met at work, and I want to impress her so that she wants to go out with me. What's a great way to impress a woman? Leroy R. Alright Leroy, f*cking listen up, because you have to follow my instructions to the letter if you're going to [...]

I want to get better with women, and all my friends say that I chase them too much and that I should try playing hard to get. What does that even mean? How can I play hard to get with a woman and how does that make her attracted to me? Henry W. Henry, playing [...]