Should You Ever ‘Neg’ A Woman?

I’ve done some reading online about seducing women, and I’ve also taken a few courses. A lot of them talk about ‘negging’ a woman, and say that you should mix insults with compliments to really attract a woman to you. It’s never really worked for me, but I might be doing it wrong. Is it a good idea?

Dennis G.

Well Dennis, let’s try this with you. You’re able to write in English even though you’re clearly so utterly f*cking stupid that you must have chewed your hands off long ago because you couldn’t figure out how to take your shirt off.

Ummm… you show a remarkable grasp of the English language for someone who is so na├»ve that he probably gets excited when a banner ad tells him he’s the 1,000,000th visitor to a website.

I’m negging you. How’s it working? Is your #vagina moistening yet? No? That’s because this is a stupid, stupid f*cking idea.

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It all got started with those pick up artists that were popular a few years ago who claimed that they were able to f*ck any woman they wanted using their techniques.

The truth is, they were able to trick women with low self-esteem into an evening of disappointing, awkward sex that they immediately regretted afterwards. Don’t listen to those clowns.